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Overview of Company

Fimitee is the brand of Fimi Textiles Pvt. Ltd which started its journey in 2017 with a simple vision. We give a platform to the T-shirt designers where they can showcase their creativity and sell graphic T shirt online. We handle all the tasks associated with printing, marketing, selling, customer service etc.

Who We Are

It is not easy creating a T shirts online store where you can sell T-shirts featuring unique prints or customized prints according to clients’ demands. You have to create an independent shopping platform where people can securely buy T shirt online. This is a humungous task.

  • You have to ensure that -

The products are properly displayed on the website

Visitors can efficiently browse them

  • You have to include important ecommerce features, such as

Shopping cart

Display pages

Secure payment methods

Creating an independent shopping platform may hold you back from starting a business of printed T shirt online. Fimitee won’t let your talent go to waste. If your head is full of extraordinary or out-of-the-box designs for T-shirts, then we can help you with the rest of the tasks.

What We Do/Offer

We provide the artists, such as you, with a platform where you can profit from your artisanship.

  1. Let us know about the designs for T-shirts and their price.
  2. We will print them on T-shirts and let you display and sell them through our platform.
  3. We handle all the tasks that take place backstage - shipping, customer service etc.
  4. You receive the profit.

Our Philosophy

We provide the talented T-shirt designers with the opportunity to print, market and sell unique or customized graphic printed T shirt. Through us, you can reach out to a large number of interested buyers without making an additional investment to establish an online business.

Why Choose Us

It’s hard to find a trusted partner who can help T-shirt designers, like you, reach the target customers at no additional expense. You just have to contact us and provide us with a few details. We will handle the printing, displaying, shipping of T-shirts alongside handling the customer-service.

How Long It Has Existed

Fimi Textiles Pvt. Ltd was founded in 25 September 2017.

Areas of Expertise

  • Printing T-shirts
  • Marketing
  • Maintaining stock
  • Selling
  • Shipping to customers
  • Providing customer service and a lot more

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